Courtney B. Waits

Missouri Family Law Attorney


Courtney knows cases rarely have a winner and loser.

With this in mind, she takes a family-centered approach as she strives to resolve her clients’ disputes as effectively as possible.  She is an active member of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association’s Family Law Section. Courtney combines her skill in family law with her commitment to integrity to pursue favorable results for clients.

Courtney focuses on mitigating problems to settle cases without the necessity of a trial. She is a trained mediator and involved in organizations committed to collaborating with other parties in order to reach resolution.

When litigation is necessary, she has extensive trial experience. She has been highly successful in trying more than 30 family court cases. Her triumphs are due in part to her sharp decision-making and ability to assess ways in which the court or the parties involved should resolve an issue – a choice that she carefully weighs considering a client’s time, money and attorney’s fees and costs.

Courtney places a high priority on demonstrating her commitment not only to their legal challenges but also to being a good steward of their attorney fees. She wants clients to receive the best possible value for their money. Advising clients in a transparent manner to make certain they are informed of the possible costs associated with a particular course of legal action.


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